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Project Management Excellence with Customized iDeals board portal

Digitalization has increased the importance of secure collaboration in the strategic management of international firms. Board software can guide managers and stakeholders in choosing the optimal work configuration to maximize company efficiency in the knowledge economy. So, how does it work?

Project management in the iDeals board portal

Creating an information and analytical system that increases the efficiency of organization management is an urgent task. Virtual board portals are a project-oriented workspace for managing one or more projects, accessible to all participants. The program significantly saves employees’ working time, helps to control deadlines, carry out assignments and tasks and achieve goals. One of the most productive applications on the worldwide market is the iDeals board portal, which contains all the necessary functions for the organizational work of a board team. According to iDeals Board overview, the program has developed an entire system for conducting project activities, setting tasks and discussing current issues. Visualization uses Kanban boards, and workflow automation occurs by categorizing tasks and subtasks. The online service allows you to manage several projects at once: individual and joint. Also, all key assignments can be transferred, exported, sorted, found in search, moved and monitored progress.

The web-based board management software also has an overview of resource utilization, allowing you to monitor your team’s workload better. It enables capacity planning with an efficient distribution of tasks and better project planning and control.

Basic functionality

According to the

  • Creation of a digital repository

The ability to add scanned copies of paper documents or electronic documents that are stored on employee computers to the archive. This new data usage concept makes it possible to improve access to data while strengthening control over one’s own data. It is important that the board portals are created to be internationally compatible. Therefore, international guidelines for trustworthy data rooms should be sought in the longer term.

  • Deal management flow

Every company has a contractual document flow, a critical process for organizations. How quickly the company agrees on the contract determines when it will receive the money, how fast the service will be provided, or how the goods will be delivered under this contract. The document flow system allows you to automate this process, significantly reduce time and increase the transparency of this process. You will always know where and who has the contract, and you will be able to find it quickly.

  • Operational management

For any manager, it is essential to set a task and be able to control it. The iDeals system has such capabilities. The manager can set a task at any time, even from a mobile phone, and monitor the progress of its implementation from his workplace.

In addition to the above criteria, it is useful to consider the presence in the system of regular tasks, a reminder system, dividing the project into tasks and subtasks, resuming a completed task, filtering tasks, building a subordination structure, a system for distributing access rights to tasks, planning working hours, etc.