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Sterling Data Rooms Functions and Features

In today’s business, the virtual data room plays an important role. This solution is the cutting-edge choice for remote transactions in the digital space. VDR equips companies with the most useful capabilities that allow them to close successful deals, protect valuable data, organize and manage documents remotely with ease, and interact remotely with partners or investors. In this article, we will look at one of the most robust solutions for M&A deals, Sterling data rooms, and highlight its main features.

Sterling Data Rooms – History of Creation

VDR Sterling has come a long way before it became what we see today. In 1988, a financial printing company called Sterling Financial Print was created. After 12 years in business, it was acquired by Computer Associates International in 2000, and after another 10 years, it launched its first virtual data room project.

In 2018, the company decided to split the business to focus more on technology and improve support services. The company is headquartered in London.

Sterling’s state-of-the-art data room is a great secure storage option for companies of all sizes. The provider focuses on mergers and acquisitions. Organizations from any industry can use it during M&A transactions, or during other, no less complex transaction processes.

What are data rooms used for – main functions

As mentioned, Sterling Data Rooms is designed to handle the M&A process and all transactions that follow, namely due diligence, post-merger integration, client-side M&A, and seller-side M&A. VDR is well-positioned to enhance the security, success, and speed of the transaction. To do this, it uses features such as:

  • Highly secure VDR server

 Sterling VDR is a certified solution and is GDPR certified. The solution guarantees strong protection for confidential activities within the space. Sterling uses 256-bit encryption and protects documents from unauthorized access and theft.

  • Dynamic watermarks

A watermark is a method of data leakage protection that contains hidden, or visible, information in the form of text or images and is applied to documents so that they cannot be removed and forwarded to third parties without the agreement of the file owner directly.  When applying a watermark to a document, the user can include the following information: owner name, download date, IP address, and time of access to the document.

  • Tagging feature

Tag is a useful document that saves other users time when searching for the file they need. In this tag, brief information about the document’s content and its purpose is written.

  • Detailed permissions

Administrators of this data room can configure access to all of their data, both at the folder level and for individual documents. You set the privacy level of your file, and you decide which user has the right to see and use the document.

  • No plug-ins

Sterling Data Rums is very easy to use, no plugins or third-party programs are needed to install it. If authorized users need access to the space, they can get it as easily as possible without using third-party tools.

  • Analytics and reporting features

These features help improve transaction transparency and stay informed at all times. Make all decisions as informed as possible with reports on the actions of all users within the VDR.

  • Customizable Branding

Sterling VDR customers have the option to design the space to match their company logo and color scheme for an additional fee.

  • Customizable Collaboration Solutions

Sterling has integration with Excel, as well as a bulk upload feature for both seller and buyer. Use the Q&A section to interact remotely and resolve important issues quickly and easily.